Redmond Demolition


In search of a demolition company to demolish your commercial building in Redmond, WA? Then get in touch with Seattle Land Rock & Tree for skilled workforce and specialized equipment provide complete Redmond demolition. For Redmond demolition we provide safe, cost effective structural demolition service for residential, commercial and industrial purpose. For over 30 years, consistent quality, experience and innovation has made Redmond demolition the master in the field.

Redmond demolition company removes all slabs, footings and foundations, to the extent needed pre project specification. We also have the best equipment and able manpower to clear a site to allow improvements and re use of properties.

We offer:

  • Structural demolition
  • Concrete removal
  • Site clearance
  • Debris removal

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Redmond Demolition Company


Want to hire the help of a Redmond demolition company for selective and interior demolition from home remodels to multi-storey buildings. As a Redmond demolition company we have worked with owners, general contractors and architects to provide the best of the class demolition to facilitate buildings from current use to new use. At Redmond demolition company, we also played integral parts in disaster clean-ups both manmade and natural disasters ranging from fire, flood cyclones to tornadoes.

Our Redmond demolition company recycles concrete, steel and wood from projects to provide demolition at a low cost and reuse it in the construction projects. We have dedicated our life to being the most knowledgeable and skilled Redmond demolition company in our area and neighbourhoods.

  • Selective demolition
  • House demolition
  • Office demolition
  • Hospital demolition

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Redmond Demolition Contractors


Thinking about hiring a trained, licensed and skilled asbestos abatement Redmond demolition contractors. Then get in touch with us, your go-to Redmond demolition contractors who are especially skilled in selective demolition required to expose and abate asbestos containing surfaces. Our Redmond demolition contractors, also removes unwanted materials and soils from sites for new construction, structural back fill providing final preparation.

We are skilled and certified Redmond demolition contractors who can help you with removing underground and above ground fuel storage tanks for installing new ones. Along with Redmond demolition contractors service we help community in clearing dead or unwanted trees and repurposes it straight away.

Hire us for

  • Concrete demolition
  • Land clearing services
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Site grading

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