Slab Sawing

Everett Slab Sawing


Flat concrete sawing is the most used diamond cutting technique. It is commonly used to cut horizontal flat surfaces, such as floors, decks, and pavement.

Also known as slab saws, flat saws have a diamond blade mounted on a walk-behind machine. Flat saws are used for various purposes, such as removing damaged pavement sections, patio and pool deck reconstruction and more.

Seattle Land, Rock & Tree has years of experience performing in the Everett, WA area. We have offered flat concrete sawing for a wide range of applications and structure types.

Each Everett slab sawing project presents a unique set of challenges. Rest assured we have the equipment and expertise to create a solution that meets all the Everett slab sawing needs in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Count on us for:

  • Concrete Sawing
  • Slab sawing services
  • Concrete flat sawing
  • Slab sawing companies

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Everett Flat Sawing


We have the capability of performing Everett flat sawing with excellent workmanship. Our flat sawing team responds quickly and can help remove damaged or unstable concrete slabs. If you have an Everett flat sawing job, you can count on us to complete the job quickly without sacrificing quality.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to performing Everett flat sawing jobs. With years of experience, a skilled team, and a dedication to meeting the highest standards, we are the perfect choice for any Everett flat sawing job.

Choose us for an honest, competitive pricing and complete client satisfaction.

  • Diamond drilling and sawing
  • Core sawing
  • Corner-cut sawing
  • Precision sawing of concrete

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Everett Exterior Slab Sawing


Our Everett exterior slab sawing machines are powered by propane, gas, diesel, hydraulic, and electric motors. With our different types of Everett flat sawing machines, we can accommodate concrete sawing projects in the most challenging of environments.

Our top-of-the-line flat saws make it possible for us to offer fast, efficient Everett exterior slab sawing services to clients. The benefits of exterior slab sawing include:

  • Machines that are compact and ergonomic
  • Fast cuts through flat surfaces
  • Meeting a diverse range of sawing needs
  • Gaining access to challenging areas

To know more, or to schedule an Everett exterior slab sawing service in the area, feel free to call Seattle Land, Rock & Tree. We would love to serve you with our Everett slab sawing!

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