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Kent Weed Control


Place a call to Seattle Land, Rock, & Tree if you need expert weed control services in the Kent, WA area. Weeds are undesirable plants that mar the aesthetic appeal of the yard and also harm the health of turf as well as plantings.

The wide-ranging services offered by our landscaping company include Kent weed control. We specialize in getting the yard rid of this nuisance with effective and lasting Kent weed control solutions.

Our technicians come to you with extensive experience in providing lawn treatment service. No job is too big for us and our Kent weed control service can deal successfully with the menace even on an extensive scale.

Contact us to schedule our services for these needs:

  • Weeding
  • Lawn weed removal
  • Garden weed management
  • Weed prevention in flower beds
  • Weed spray and control

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Kent Weed Control Service


It is advisable to opt for professional Kent weed control service. As many enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers have eventually realized, resolving the problem is not as easy as pulling out the weeds or spraying store-bought chemicals around.

Getting Kent weed control service from seasoned experts like us is the best way to go. Count on our in-depth knowledge and proven skills to result in top-quality Kent weed control service that destroys the unwanted, damaging plants without harming the good ones around them.

Our Kent weed control service is available for the many different types of weeds found in this region. Think only of us when you need:

  • Crabgrass control
  • Fire weed killer
  • Dandelion killer
  • Creeping buttercup control

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Kent Lawn Treatment Service


Correct and proper Kent lawn treatment service is crucial for maintaining a beautiful, robust, thick turf. We are the go-to experts for superior Kent lawn treatment service that helps create and sustain attractive turf areas.

Besides offering measures for preventing the growth of broadleaf, grassy and woody weeds, our Kent lawn treatment service includes nourishing the grass and soil. We do everything necessary to ensure a lush green, thriving lawn on your property.

Look no further than us for Kent lawn treatment service, whether you need it as a one-time application or on a regular basis. Talk to us to learn more about our features:

  • Lawn care service
  • Lawn weed treatment
  • Weed treatment for lawn
  • Lawn fertilizer treatment
  • Lawn pesticide control

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