Lawn Restoration

Seattle Lawn Restoration


We can help make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood with full Seattle lawn restoration services that start from the ground up! Achieving a beautifully green, lush lawn can be accomplished without the labor and cost intensive removal of the present turf.

If you have dead patches, thin and patchy grass, or you have lost the battle against crabgrass and other weeds, this is how we can help restore your lawn to a healthy, lush, rich green by our Seattle lawn restoration team.

We can analyze the entire area and offer recommendations for a full lawn sod installation, full seeding or overseeding. Call Seattle Land, Rock & Tre to give your lawn an affordable facelift!

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Seattle Sod Installation


Greater numbers of residential and commercial property owners are opting for Seattle sod installation to create an immediate lush, green lawn as a solid lifetime investment.

We are Seattle sod installation contractors that know how to turn a tired, dying lawn into the outdoor space with superior curb appeal that everyone up and down the street would like to emulate.

When combining our skills and expertise as landscape contractors, we can examine and evaluate your property to provide options for the most effective type of sod for your conditions, and a detailed cost estimate of your installation project.

Below are some other services we offer other than Seattle Sod Installation:

Our beginning-to-end services can also include automated in-ground irrigation systems installation, or repairs to existing systems. Call today to discuss your specific needs for Seattle lawn restoration or a completely new installation.

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Seattle Lawn Renovation


Total Seattle lawn renovation is generally recommended when severe problems or deterioration of 20 to 40 percent encompass the lawn.

And while turf grass can be restored to an improved condition without a new lawn sod installation or creating a new lawn, it is essential to correct the underlying cause of your turf deterioration.

Primary causes of severe problems or turf deterioration include:

  • Poor drainage
  • Diseases, insect pests and weeds
  • Acid soil or inadequate fertility
  • Excessive amounts of shade
  • Competition from tree roots for air, water and nutrients
  • Improper mowing height and frequency
  • Sod and sprinkler installation
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  • Seattle Lawn Restoration
  • Seattle commercial lawn care

As professional Seattle lawn renovation contractors, we have the skills, experience and specialized equipment to restore deteriorated turf grass to an improved or revitalized condition.

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