Seattle Pond


Lawns and soil-based plants require lots of watering. You can have a distinctive beautiful pond installed in your home in Seattle, WA with Seattle Land, Rock & Tree. Once we fill your Seattle pond you need to “top off” the pond only occasionally or perform an occasional water change.

With our approach of installation of a Seattle pond in your home you get a self-sustaining cycle of hydration that keeps plants alive without having to water them. Simply dip a watering can into the Seattle pond to care for other soil-based plants around your house with the installation of our pond Seattle home.

Get a side benefit of lower utility costs, especially in the months with hotter-than-usual temperatures with our aesthetic Seattle pond home. We offer:

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Seattle Ponds


Ponds installed in your home or office in Seattle, can provide an atmosphere of relaxation while encouraging interaction and education. Seattle ponds in your home can create a peaceful atmosphere for family gatherings outdoors.

Watching animals and insects go about their daily life in the Seattle ponds can teach adults and children about the natural world. Seattle ponds makes a lot of sense as they are a rich habitat for a wide range of creatures. For example, observing frogs grow and transform can inspire children and older individuals also.

For experiencing calm and wonder in your daily life, we would highly propagate installation of Seattle ponds in and around your home or office. We offer:

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Seattle Backyard Pond


The most obvious benefit of a Seattle backyard pond for your home is the visual aesthetic it provides. A Seattle backyard pond instantly adds interest to the landscape, particularly when it includes colorful fish and plants.

With our creative inputs for your Seattle backyard pond like waterfalls, statues or rock borders make your pond exotic and soothing. You can also opt for a backyard pond Seattle that is lit with underwater lighting to add visual interest at night.

For a wide range of options to choose from for your Seattle backyard pond, we are one of the best in the industry. With us you can get any of the following:

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