Seattle Waterfalls


Do you and your family love water bodies as part of scenery in general? Then consider adding waterfalls to your Seattle, WA home to add texture, sound and movement to your landscaping. Seattle Land, Rock & Tree is one of the best landscaping businesses in the region when it comes to installing beautiful and budget-friendly Seattle waterfalls to your landscaping.

With our Seattle waterfalls, you get the luxury to have an exceptionally soothing and relaxing experience. With our expertise we can have Seattle waterfalls designed even for a small area for your home. Alternatively, if you are contemplating adding a waterfall to your Seattle office property, we could do that as well.

Make your dwelling a place of calmness with our Seattle waterfall options. We offer:

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Seattle Pondless Waterfalls


A Seattle pondless waterfall is a water garden that has a waterfall, but no attached pond. With the movement of our Seattle pondless waterfalls , you can create a real highlight in your yard. We can design your Seattle pondless waterfalls to be an eye-catching, dramatic feature or a tranquil backdrop.

Adding Seattle pondless waterfalls for your home can accentuate your landscape, and also reduce your duties as it requires little maintenance. The only maintenance required for Seattle pondless waterfalls is in the beginning, which we give instructions on. We have many options in designs for Seattle pondless waterfalls for you to choose from.

Experience beauty in your daily life with our Seattle pondless waterfalls. We offer homes and offices in the region with:

  • Aquascape waterfall kit
  • Small pondless waterfall
  • Pondless waterfall basin
  • Aquascape pondless waterfall
  • Seattle lawn restoration

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Seattle Waterfall Installation


Seattle waterfall installation for your home is perfect for families with pets and children because they do not pose drowning hazards. With our Seattle waterfall installation, enjoy a water feature without worrying about fencing it off or training your children to stay away from it.

With Seattle waterfall installation, you avoid standing water that can harbor harmful algae and bacteria. This could make pets sick. Our expert team can have the Seattle waterfall installation done professionally and at an affordable rate for you.

If you choose Seattle waterfall installation for your home, there will also be less labor involved than with a traditional pond. With us you can get:

  • Disappearing waterfall
  • Backyard pondless waterfalls
  • Pondless waterfall vault
  • Pondless water fountain

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