Seattle Mold Removal


Attics and crawl spaces tend to have conditions that encourage the growth of mold. The mold that builds up in these damp, poorly ventilated places gradually spreads all across the home. As an aware homeowner, you should get Seattle mold remediation, crawl space and attic mold removal done at the earliest signs of a problem. You should avoid Seattle mold removal DIY and get professional help for the best results.

Seattle Land, Rock & Tree is one of the most reliable mold removal companies near Seattle, WA area that you can turn to. Give us a call to schedule Seattle mold removal in your home if you have tell-tale signs of a moldy crawl space or attic. These include:

  • Increased headaches and allergies among your family members
  • Buckling or warped wood flooring
  • Musty odor in the house
  • Damp walls, floors or ceilings

We follow a thorough mold inspection with highly effective Seattle mold removal work in your home by our experts.

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Seattle Mold Remediation


If you want your mold problems to vanish for good, make sure to hire professionals like us who aim at providing comprehensive Seattle mold remediation and not just removal of visible mold buildups. Our mold removal work in your home goes hand-in-hand with fixing damages caused by the moisture and treating the source of dampness to stop mold from coming back.

After our mold inspection team identifies all obvious and hidden mold buildup in the crawl space or attic, our Seattle mold remediation experts enter your home to put an end to existing and future mold and/or mildew growth. We serve you with skilled and experienced technicians who Are committed to your safety and satisfaction.

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Seattle Mold Inspection


Proper Seattle mold inspection is the foundation of successful mold removal and mold remediation. Call us for attic or crawl space Seattle mold inspection in your home if you want the moisture intrusion in it to be detected completely and so no mold spores are left behind to trigger the growth again. Our technicians are:

  • Trained to work in confined spaces
  • Equipped with suitable tools and safety gear
  • Sincere and hard-working

What you will like the best about calling us for Seattle mold inspection is that we do the initial inspection as a complimentary service!

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