Seattle Rat Control


Crawl spaces make inviting nesting places for rats and mice. That is because this area is generally damp, warm, shielded from the elements and seldom monitored by the homeowner. Moreover, food sources like the trash bin are nearby.

However, having rodents in your living space is a matter of grave concern. Get in touch with Seattle Land, Rock & Tree for Seattle rat control and rat removal services the instant you realize that you have rats in crawl space. While sighting a rat near the foundation can indicate the presence of Seattle rats in crawl space, other warning signals include:

  • Rodent droppings
  • Burrows or loose excavated soil
  • Greasy, dark rub marks on surfaces near the crawl space
  • Sagging crawl space insulation

Waste no time in calling us for Seattle rat control if you notice any of these things. We send over well-trained technicians to provide advanced Seattle rat control solutions to give you a rodent proof crawl space.

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Seattle Rat Removal


Getting rid of rats that have made your property their home is easier said than done. The problem is compounded many times when the infestation is concentrated in your crawl space. Seattle rat removal from the confined, unlit area can be challenging, but you donot need to stress if you have rats in crawl space. We are here to help!

Our rat control experts have been rigorously trained to work in all types of properties and conditions. With their extensive experience in tackling rats in crawl space, they can be trusted for Seattle rat removal services that are hassle-free and highly professional.

  • Rat pest control
  • Rat removal from attic
  • Rat control services
  • Rat birth control

Besides Seattle rat removal, our services include repairing the rodent damage, followed by cleaning up and sanitizing the property.

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Seattle Rats in Crawl Space


Instead of being reactive and hiring us for crawl space rodent control, you should be proactive and take steps to bar the entry of Seattle rats in crawl space. Give us a call.

Our rat control services take a long-term view of the problem. Besides doing rat removal, we install concrete floor slabs in crawl space and seal other gaps through which rodents can enter the area so that you:

  • Have a totally rodent-free crawl space
  • Never again have to deal with rats in crawl space
  • Always stay safe from troubles brought on by rodent infestations

Secure your crawl space from rodents forever! Hire our rat control experts to eliminate Seattle rats in crawl space.

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