Burien Tree Service


We, at Seattle Land, Rock & Tree offer a high-quality tree service for the region of Burien, WA. Whether you need professionals for tree trimming or tree pruning, you can consider us without thinking twice. Moreover, our company can even take up landscaping projects that you might have near the Burien region.

The different tree service Burien options we have available can be utilized by commercial, residential and industrial property owners. Our team can even work on jobs of significant size, making them an ideal choice.

Along with Burien tree service, our company can even be approached for:

  • Cutting laurel hedge
  • Shrubs cutting
  • Cedar hedge cutting
  • Flower bushes cutting

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Burien Tree Trimming


With the help of our Burien tree trimming services, you will be able to maintain your property well. Our tree service can also come in handy when you are looking to deal with overgrown branches or infected tree limbs. Our team will make sure that such branches are trimmed off properly, so that, they do not cause any damage to your Burien property.

By opting for our tree trimming Burien services, you will also be able to improve the growth of the plants on your property. You can also consider our company for other services like tree pruning and shrub cutting.

If you have any of these Burien tree trimming needs, you can call us today:

  • Pine tree trimming
  • Fruit tree trimming
  • Trimming trees in spring
  • Tree trimming removal

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Burien Tree Pruning


The thing that makes us an ideal choice for your tree trimming and tree pruning Burien needs is the kind of equipment we use. Our contractors working on tree service in the area use only the latest tools in order to provide you with seamless results.

Each of our team members have years of experience, which is why the outcome you will get for your Burien property will be as per your preference. If you still have questions about our Burien tree pruning services, then you can consult our crew members today.

You can also contact our team for estimates regarding our tree trimming and pruning services. Our list of Burien tree pruning services also includes options like:

  • Fruit tree pruning
  • Medium size tree pruning
  • Branch pruning
  • Tall tree pruning

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