Core Drilling

Auburn Core Drilling


Core drilling is the process by which concrete and other such hard materials are drilled. Core drilling is done to take out the core of the concrete or, in simpler words, to make a hole.Core drilling can be used to make small holes, big holes and even very large holes.

That is why core drilling is an essential part of construction and renovating processes. Seattle Land, Rock & Tree is one of the best core drilling companies in Auburn, WA.

We provide 24/7 Auburn core drilling services and we have a team of professionals who have many years of experience in core drilling and concrete coring. If you need our Auburn core drilling services for your home or business, get in touch with us.

Our Auburn core drilling service can be used to make holes for:

  • Fiber optics
  • Electrical wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Drains
  • Man holes

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Auburn Concrete Coring


Concrete coring is the best method for drilling precise and accurate holes. Through our Auburn concrete coring services, we create small or large holes of any depth in any concrete or solid structure. Concrete coring is basically a way of creating holes in a building or a structure without the structure collapsing.

We have provided our expert Auburn concrete coring services in the area for many homes and offices that were under construction or renovation. For us, the most important part of the job is accuracy and customer satisfaction. That is why we are available for contact 24/7; just call us when you need help.

Why choose our Auburn concrete coring services? Because we offer precise and accurate services.

  • Concrete Works
  • Concrete Boring
  • Concrete coring and cutting
  • Concrete coring company

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Auburn Concrete Core Drilling


Concrete core drilling is one of the most effective ways to ensure dust-free drilling. Concrete core drilling is also the best for low noise drilling. Unlike most other drilling services, concrete core drilling allows for the cleanest, most precise and accurate drilling.

If you are looking for Auburn concrete core drilling services, we can be of service. Our Auburn concrete core drilling experts can drill even in the smallest of spaces. For us, no concrete core drilling job is too small or too big.

The advantages of concrete core drilling include better accuracy than sawing.

  • Diamond core drilling
  • Core drilling contractors
  • Dry core drilling
  • Wet core drilling

If you need to hire a company for core drilling in the area, call Seattle Land, Rock & Tree to hire the experts in Auburn concrete core drilling.

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