Concrete Grinding

Auburn Concrete Grinding


There is a long-term, cost effective, quality solution to leveling concrete floors, uneven walkways, cracked steps and parking lots.

As a professional concrete sawing and drilling company we provide Auburn concrete grinding for leveling floors and other concrete slab surfaces. Our grinding services are the most efficient and cost effective methods of Auburn concrete floor repair for industries, such as removal of humps or ridges left by finishers.

  • Sidewalk grinding
  • Concrete wall grinding
  • Concrete grinding contractor
  • Polishing concrete garage flooring

Call us for a free estimate for Auburn concrete grinding for precision concrete floor repair of your warehouse or commercial facility in the area.

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Auburn Concrete Floor Repair


Your business activities do not have to be placed on hold for days when you choose concrete grinding services over replacement as a solution for Auburn concrete floor repair.

Concrete floors have imperfections and are rarely smooth and level. For carrying out Auburn concrete grinding services, we use floor grinders that are fitted with a diamond segmented, water-cooled disc we can grind down high spots and uneven edges with minimal disruptions to your business activities.

Cracked or unlevel concrete do not improve over time. In fact, they usually worsen. These are examples of conditions for which we are commonly called to service, but not limited tocracks caused by expansion or contraction,preparation of a level sub-floor surface and others.

  • Concrete floor crack repair
  • Cement waterproofing
  • Industrial concrete polishing
  • Concrete restoration

These are hazardous risk conditions that can result in costly liability issues.

Call us for a free estimate. In most cases we can save our clients hundreds to thousands of dollars over removal and replacement with the use of our sophisticated Auburn concrete grinding equipment operated by our highly-trained technicians.

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Auburn Concrete Grinding Services


Our Auburn concrete grinding services are the best method for smoothing outdoor concrete surfaces that are rough from weathering, corrosion, abuse or improper pouring techniques.

We have state-of-the-art equipment, highly-trained technicians and the skills to provide efficient and outdoor Auburn concrete floor repair and concrete solutions for indoor applications that are far less costly than removal and replacement.

Some of the reasons we are chosen for Auburn concrete grinding services for all types of uneven concrete surfaces for commercial and residential applications in the area include 24/7 availability,quick and efficient service and others.

  • Concrete grinding machine
  • Angle grinding concrete
  • Concrete grinding wheel
  • Concrete grinding near me

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