Lakewood Demolition


Do you want the best value for money when you hire a demolition company in Lakewood, WA? If yes, then we at Seattle Land Rock & Tree are here to help you out with professional Lakewood demolition service. Whether you need a total or partial demolition service, decontamination, screening, concrete crushing or sawing, our Lakewood demolition company will meet your needs and beat your expectations like a pro.

Our Lakewood demolition team will safely help you to a good start and always keep constraints and deadlines in mind. At Lakewood demolition company, we know that demolition is one important part in the part of construction project and we have experienced crew and highly specialized equipment for your valuable project like:

  • Factory demolition
  • Institutional demolition
  • Metal demolition
  • Dumpster bin

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Lakewood Demolition Company


In search of a Lakewood demolition company you can rely on for your construction needs? Then get in touch with our Lakewood demolition company for all of your residential or commercial demolition service. As a Lakewood demolition company we deliver top notch work ranging from full to select demolition along with bridges, concrete, asbestos, storage tank and more.

Also, Lakewood demolition company services includes diverse projects as interior demolition to accommodative renovations and parking garage demolition in public areas. In residential area, our Lakewood demolition company technicians have years of experience in demolishing and wrecking including removing garages, barns, farms, and apartment buildings.

We offer:

  • Residential demolition
  • Asbestos removal
  • Storage tank demolition
  • Concrete demolition

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Lakewood Demolition Contractors


Need help with Lakewood demolition contractors for your commercial building? Then feel free to get in touch with us now! Our Lakewood demolition contractors are right for your service, every phase we hold meetings with customer, establishes schedules and budgets, decides equipment and assign work to deliver customer satisfaction in time. Our Lakewood demolition contractors manage debris and reuse the recycled products for the same construction project of yours.

We employ state-of the-art dust protection and air purification equipment and work hard to provide a clean site after demolition process by our Lakewood demolition contractors. Our Lakewood demolition contractors obey all rules and regulations regarding disposal of asbestos and lead-containing construction debris.

We also offer:

  • Swimming pool demolition
  • interior removal
  • hospital demolition
  • school demolition

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