Issaquah Retaining Walls


Installing retaining walls in Issaquah, WA properties with grading issues is essential to enable yard landscaping. The purpose of retaining walls is to hold back soil on the sloped yard while creating flat surfaces where planting will be possible.

In fact, Issaquah retaining walls can be put to many more uses. Seattle Land, Rock, & Tree has been handling jobs for installing Issaquah retaining walls that are also utilized to give a beautiful terraced look to the yard, provide a sitting area in the open, segregate the different hardscaping features or outdoor living areas, or shield the yard from prying eyes.

Hire us no matter why you want Issaquah retaining walls on your property. We are known to build stable, robust, reliable, and durable:

  • Gravity walls
  • Retention wall
  • Landscape walls
  • Privacy wall
  • Boulder walls

Seattle Land, Rock, & Tree is the expert to hire for the construction of Issaquah retaining walls!

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Issaquah Rockeries


We also specialize in constructing Issaquah rockeries. Yards with a stony topography make the ideal sites for building rockeries. However, our expert services are available even for installing Issaquah rockeries on properties with typical, fertile soil.

Our clientele comprises people with refined aesthetic sensibilities who wish to add a unique, rustic charm to their yards by making Issaquah rockeries part of the outdoor space. Our landscapers are skilled at creating Issaquah rockeries in small gardens as well as in large sprawling yards. We can construct rockeries on properties of all sizes.

Contact us now to schedule a job for:

  • Rock garden construction
  • Mini rockery installation
  • Rockery landscaping
  • Building a rockery

The people who want Issaquah rockeries created on their properties should contact Seattle Land, Rock, & Tree!

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Issaquah Rockery


No job for Issaquah rockery installation is too big or small for us. Our landscaping company provides customized services to meet the diverse preferences, requirements, and budgets for Issaquah rockery construction. We build everything from miniature rockeries in pots to elaborate ones with boulders, flowers, and hardy plants.

Do not hesitate to come to us if you want to enhance your front yard or backyard with a:

  • Stonecrop rockery
  • Fern rockery
  • Rock wall
  • Dry creek bed

We entrust the Issaquah rockery job to highly skilled and experienced landscapers. We provide them with the most advanced equipment and top-grade materials to build the Issaquah rockery. You will be glad to have hired us.

Call Seattle Land, Rock, & Tree to build a beautiful Issaquah rockery on your property!

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