Bellevue Rockery


Are you considering revamping your outdoors with rockery installations that suit your home in Bellevue, WA? Seattle Land, Rock, & Tree is the name you can trust for eye-catching Bellevue rockery installations in your home or commercial property.

As a locally owned and operated company serving the area for years, we have provided top-tier Bellevue rockery installations for residential, commercial, and government properties. Rockeries add an earthy and aesthetic feel to your home and instantly enhance its appearance. Irrespective of the landscape of your property, our team provides a beautiful Bellevue rockery that imparts a unique touch to your property. Contact us today for our services.

  • Rockery landscaping
  • Stonecrop rockery
  • Mini rockery installation
  • Rockery repair and restoration

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Bellevue Rock Walls


If you are planning to install Bellevue rock walls to prevent erosion, and gradation issues or to add it as a decorative piece, rely on us without a doubt. We are a team of professionals dedicated to installing Bellevue rock walls for you using the best quality rocks available.

Our landscaping experts use cutting-edge technology to install Bellevue rock walls that stand the test of time. All the raw materials used for constructing Bellevue rock walls are of top-grade quality, and it undoubtedly stands the test of elements and time. Feel free to visit our website to learn more about our services.

We offer:

  • Decorative rock wall
  • Rock landscape wall
  • Reinforced rock walls
  • Stacked rock walls

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Bellevue Retaining Walls


Count on our landscaping professionals for unmatchable Bellevue retaining walls outside your residential or commercial properties. With years of expertise in providing the construction of Bellevue retaining walls, you are guaranteed the exact results you desire with our craftsmanship.

When you install Bellevue retaining walls on your property, it comes with various utilities apart from giving an aesthetic feel. With Bellevue retaining walls, you can regulate erosion in your property and supplement the beauty of the rockeries installed. Using rocks based on your custom preferences, we provide top-of-the-line Bellevue retaining walls for clients. Contact us today to add one-of-a-kind rock gardens to your properties.

Come to us for:

  • Retention wall
  • Stone Retaining Wall
  • Building a retaining wall
  • Gravity walls

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