Tree Service

Kent Tree Service


Seattle Land, Rock & Tree is the name to rely on for tree service in the Kent, WA area. Our company has been in business since 2005, and is known across the community as an exceptionally knowledgeable tree care expert.

Kent Tree service is not something that you should skimp on when it comes to choosing economy over quality. The expertise with which Kent tree service is delivered on your property can have a huge impact on many aspects of a crucial landscaping element.

The quality of care received by your trees determines:

  • Health of trees
  • Beauty of trees
  • Lifespan of trees
  • Flowering of trees
  • Fruit harvest of trees

Keep all the trees in your yard robust, flourishing and looking at their best by hiring us for your tree service Kent. We offer comprehensive services that include tree trimming, pruning and removal.

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Kent Tree Trimming


There is much more to tree trimming Kent than just snipping off a few limbs here and there. Tree pruning by inexperienced or careless arborists can do a great disservice to the trees, causing them serious harm.

Keep your investment protected by hiring us for Kent tree trimming at your property. Our company is staffed by seasoned tree service experts who have extensive knowledge of arboriculture.

Our technicians have honed their skills to perfection over countless Kent tree trimming jobs. They can be trusted to do a job that triggers healthy growth of the tree, while making it look shapely and impressive. We also do tree trimming Kent services for removing dead, diseased and hazardous branches.

Call now to schedule a visit by our crew to your property for:

  • Tree trim services
  • Tree limb removal
  • Cutting tree branches
  • Trimming shrubs

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Kent Tree Pruning


We consider our passion for excellence to be the key reason why we are one of the leading choices for tree pruning Kent services. Our technicians are trained to focus not just on delivering seamless workmanship on Kent tree pruning jobs, but also on extending gracious customer service on each job.

Our crew comes for tree pruning Kent services in your yard with the most modern tools and safety gear available. No matter how tall, thick and old trees they have to work on, our Kent tree pruning specialists do the job correctly and safely.

Hire us for:

  • Pruning fruit trees
  • Pruning ornamental trees
  • Crape Myrtle pruning
  • Pruning maple trees

Call Seattle Land, Rock & Tree for tree pruning Kent!

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