Concrete Grinding

Kent Concrete Grinding


Constant use often leads to roughness in concrete floors. This makes a floor unattractive and unsafe. If you think that the concrete floor in your home or business property in Kent, WA needs to be leveled, call Seattle Land, Rock & Tree. We are a leading concrete cutting contractor that specializes in concrete floor repair through its skillful Kent concrete grinding services.

Kent concrete grinding levels the floors by finely crushing all the uneven spots. We have been providing Kent concrete grinding services and performing concrete floor repair in the community over years. Staffed by highly-trained technicians and equipped with advanced diamond-segmented floor grinders, we offer 100% dustless concrete grinding and impeccable, seamless concrete grinding in Kent.

Contact us for:

  • Concrete grinding wheel
  • Angle grinding concrete
  • Concrete sidewalk grinding
  • Repair concrete garage floor

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Kent Concrete Floor Repair


Whether your concrete floor has gotten damaged through normal wear that happens with the passage of time or due to lack of upkeep, our Kent concrete floor repair services can help. Grinding the floor carefully with cutting-edge equipment, we strive to deliver effective Kent concrete floor repair that saves you expensive floor replacement.

Being thorough professionals, we complete the Kent concrete floor repair quickly. Long, drawn-out concrete floor repair can disrupt your family or work life. Therefore, we schedule your concrete floor repair in Kent promptly.

We provide a repair of:

  • Warehouse floors
  • Showroom floors
  • Laboratory floors
  • Manufacturing plant floors

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Kent Concrete Grinding Services


Our Kent concrete grinding services do more than make concrete floor repair. We offer concrete grinding services for preparing floors for installation of new floor coverings. You can hire our Kent concrete grinding services for smoothing all types of indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces.

We are equipped to provide concrete grinding services for any simple or complex project. A full-service contractor, we offer:

  • Concrete grinding services in Kent for homeowners
  • Concrete grinding services in Kent for businesses
  • Concrete grinding services in Kent for builders and contractors
  • Concrete grinding contractor

If you have any project that needs concrete grinding services, contact us today!

Schedule a free estimate on our Kent concrete grinding services to make concrete floor repair or level any concrete surface in your property.

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